About me


Fridge Fun Provider,
Bucharest, Romania

This team of hyped up designers, engineers and copywriters has made it a goal to provide every fridge with its well-deserved, lighthearted dose of daily fun.

We develop collections of magnets that put smiles on smart people's faces, available for sale by the bucket, by the package, or by piece, although we hardly recommend that one. Feel free to contact us for a more serious serious approach and sales packages. for the time being, you can find our magnets up for sale at Dizainăr.

Mostly magnets, illustrations, inspiration walls and cheeky articles poking fun at stereotypes and meaningless behaviors we engage in everyday. Every other day, we'll be publishing an illustration or an article, letting you know what we've been up to, or what disconcerting wordly events lead to the creation of humorous magnets.

 If you're looking for business and you'd like our magnets on a stand in your shop, we'll be more than happy to provide. Feel free to drop us a line, and we'll make a nice little neat sales package so everybody can earn a dime on humor.